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About Taste of Asbury Food Tours

Taste of Asbury Food Tours was created to give guests a taste of the amazing foods and history found within Asbury Park, New Jersey. Over the past decade interest in Asbury Park has boomed from national exposure in The New York Times, Travel and Leisure magazine (rated Asbury Park a top 10 travel destination), Vogue, The Guardian, and Outsider Magazine. Asbury Park is a must see travel destination! With a culinary scene like no other found along the Jersey Shore, we knew that a food tour would be a perfect fit for the city. Our goal at Taste of Asbury Food Tours is to give every guest an insiders local view of the city. Our tours are a perfect way for you to sample tons of delicious foods, learn about the history of Asbury Park, and have an experience like no other in this amazing city by the sea!

Meet the founders

a woman wearing sunglasses posing for the camera

Bonnie and Justin Brown


It all began with a trip In 2013 Bonnie and Justin embarked on a six week cross country road trip around the United States. At each of their stops, they wanted to explore the unique culture and history that each city had to offer. Food was always a distinctive feature of these cities that allowed them to gain a view into the local culture. They found that local food tours allowed you to not only glimpse into the soul of the city you were visiting, but also gave you an opportunity to sample some of the best foods, desserts, and drinks that had created these distinct culinary scenes. As residents of Asbury Park, they knew a food tour would be perfect for the historic and growing city.

In 2017 they created Taste of Asbury Food Tours and began conducting walking tours around the city that showed off all of the amazing foods Asbury Park had to offer. As high school and elementary school teachers by day, they work incredibly hard to bring their passion for education into their classrooms. This same work ethic is seen on every tour they conduct. Their love for Asbury Park is proudly on display as they give visitors a look into the soul of this city by the sea, through the foods of this amazing town.